Harry Potter Movies – We Have Questions

We at TwentyA are huge Harry Potter fans. If Freeform (RIP ABCFamily) is having a Harry Potter weekend, we will absolutely stop what we’re doing and ignore the rest of society to watch. Unsurprisingly, we’ve noticed some oddities in the movies and had to share with the world.

Why do we never see these adorable hats again after movie 1?


Just think–somewhere in the world, there is a dusty storage unit full of these hats.

Why is “dentist” an option on this clock when purebloods don’t even know what dentists are?

HP Weasley Clock.gif

If you don’t remember, Hermione had to explain her parents’ profession at Slughorn’s dinner in Half-Blood Prince.

Who the fuck is Nigel? You leave out COLIN but add Nigel??


Seriously? You replace one creepily invasive boy with another?

Why does Petunia just clean while Aunt Marge blows away?


We sense a backstory here filled with backhanded comments and a desire for revenge.

What are these Jamaican things?


It completely felt out of place, unnecessary, and oh yeah, just a little bit racist.

What the fuck happens to Tom the Barman between movies 1 and 3?


I guess bartender life really takes a toll on you.

What’s with these baby ties?


“Wow this baby tie really brings my outfit together” -said no one ever.

How is this lollipop visible but not Harry’s hand or tongue?


Asshole Harry strikes again.

What is wrong with Percy’s hair?


This is a question we ask for pretty much the entire series. TBH we really just wanted Ed Sheeran to be part of the Weasley clan.

How is this chain two lengths?

It’s literally 2,342,394 feet long in that second scene.

How does Sirius, a prisoner on the run, afford a Firebolt?


He was disowned by the Black family and imprisoned at a young age. What money does he have to be buying Firebolts? You’d think survival was a priority for him.

Why are both Patil twins in Gryffindor?


Tsk tsk.

Was this an artistic decision or did Goblet of Fire have a vindictive hairdresser?



Why is Fleur always screaming or crying? 


She’s a god damn Triwizard champion with character and backbone.

How are so many kids taking OWLs if there’s like 10 kids per year per house? 


This is an unrealistic number of desks.

If Bellatrix just got out of Azkaban, how does she recognize Neville?


Unless she’s a damn good guesser.

How did you turn this into the most uncomfortable kiss of all time?


No one enjoyed this.

Why does it take Ron 10 minutes to put on a shirt?

giphy copy 2.gif

This is a shorter clip, but watch the full thing and you’ll see Ron dragging ass. THERE ARE HORCRUXES WAITING TO BE FOUND RONALD.


giphy copy 3.gif

….just why

Finally, the one we’ll always struggle to forgive: “You have your mother’s eyes”

We’ll never get over the anger we feel every time someone says this to Harry.

*Note – these only apply to the movies. If we went into the books we could probably publish a novel and retire early. Special shoutout to all the Harry Potter fans who made this article extremely difficult to write because we were actually able to find the answers to a lot of our questions!

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